California Safer Consumer Products Priority Product Work Plan for 2018-2020

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has published their three-year Priority Product Work Plan. Two of the categories that impact the automotive industry are Cleaning Products (carried over from the last three-year plan) and Lead-Acid Batteries.

Cleaning Products

“Automotive Product” means a chemically  formulated consumer product labeled to indicate that the purpose of the product is to maintain the appearance of a motor vehicle, as defined in Section 670 of the Vehicle Code, including products for washing, waxing, polishing, cleaning, or treating the exterior or interior surfaces of motor vehicles.  “Automotive Product” does not include automotive paint or paint repair products.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are found in a wide variety of forms and functions, the most common being 12-volt car batteries. Lead-acid batteries contain three Candidate Chemicals: lead, arsenic, and sulfuric acid.  Inclusion of this category in the Work Plan allows DTSC to finalize evaluation of lead-acid batteries as a potential Priority Product.

DTSC established goals for the 2018-2020 Work Plan include:

  • To protect children from exposures to harmful chemicals from consumer products, especially carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxicants, neurotoxicants, developmental toxicants, and endocrine disruptors.
  • To protect workers from exposures to harmful chemicals from consumer products.
  • To protect California’s valuable and limited water resources and aquatic ecosystems from consumer product-derived chemical contamination.

DTSC stakeholder participation is needed as these actions are reviewed for these priority products.

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