China MIIT published Catalogue of Demonstration Guide for Key New Materials (2019)

On 25 November 2019, China MIIT published Catalogue of Demonstration Guide for Key New Materials (2019).

In 2016 China MIIT established an insurance compensation mechanism to promote the production and application of new materials in industry, and which would benefit companies using these listed materials. The scheme requires the regular release of an application demonstration guidance directory for key new materials, and the construction of a new material production and application demonstration platform. This platform is intended to reduce the risk to downstream users and improve the efficiency of insurance compensation work.

This catalogue covers 331 types of new materials that widely used in different industries and products. The industries and products include, among others: vehicles, new energy vehicles, pressure vessels, chemical industry, IT equipment, medical devices, 3D printers, textiles.
The 331 types of materials are separated into advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials.

The advanced basic materials cover the following types of materials:

  • Advanced Steel Materials;
  • Advanced Nonferrous Metals;
    • Aluminium
    • Magnesium
    • Titanium
    • Copper
    • Other Nonferrous Metals
  • Advanced Chemical Materials;
    • Special rubber and other polymer materials
    • Engineering plastics
    • Membrane material
    • New electronic chemical materials
    • Other advanced chemical materials
  • Advanced Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials;
    • Special glass and high-purity quartz products
    • Green building materials
    • Advanced ceramic powder and products
    • Artificial Crystal
    • Mineral Functional Materials
  • Rare metals;
  • High-performance targets materials;
  • Other new materials.

Key strategic materials cover the following types:

  • High-performance fibres and composite materials,
  • Rare earth functional materials,
  • Advanced semiconductor materials and new display materials,
  • New energy materials.

This 2019 catalogue entered into force on 1 January 2020.

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