India: Management and Handling of Chemicals and Hazardous Waste, Handbook, March 2021

The Handbook on Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Management and Handling in India endeavors to give a broad overview of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the chemical sector in India. Designed to serve as a ready reckoner for stakeholders working in the field of chemicals and hazardous waste, such as members and officers of the Pollution Control Boards, allied institutions of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, other regulatory authorities, officials and employees of hazardous waste management companies and chemical industries, importers and exporters of chemicals and waste, the Handbook outlines the core objectives of the different Acts, Rules and Regulations that regulate different aspects of chemicals and hazardous waste.

Much of the legislative framework in India that governs chemicals and hazardous waste owes its origin to different Multilateral Environmental Agreements on hazardous waste, to which India is a signatory. The Handbook also delineates the core principles of five major Conventions on hazardous waste and the obligations that the country has to fulfil in furtherance of their objectives. Spread across six chapters, the Handbook presents to its readers a holistic picture of the chemical sector in India and attempts to apprise them about the fundamental concepts that influence and govern chemical and hazardous waste management and handling in the country.

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