Public Consultation Launched on Chemical, Product and Waste Legislation

ACEA, CLEPA,  DIGITALEUROPE, ASD and other industry groups have issued a joint letter asking the EU Commission to allow stakeholder input on the proposed new Waste Frame Directive database as it’s being created.  They believe many benefits could be had from learning from IMDS and other formats being used in complex durable goods supply chains.  They also asked the Commission to take the below released report into consideration.  In the context of the Circular Economy Package, adopted in January 2018, the European Comm launched an Open Public Consultation (OPC) focused on options to address the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation, which ran from 23 July to 29 October 2018.

The questionnaire was divided in two parts: Part A aimed at gathering information on the company or organization represented by the respondent; Part B was organized based on the four main issues identified by the European Commission in the Communication and Staff Working Document on the interface that were published earlier in 2018. The questionnaire identified a number of challenges for each issue and posed questions (both multiple choice and open questions) aimed at collecting detailed information on specific topics.

This Public Consultation received 461 valid responses. 40 ad hoc contributions in the form of position papers were received separately. The replies were sorted and analyzed by category of stakeholder. Stakeholders were categorized as follows: Academic or Research Institutes/Educational Institutions (Academia); Non-governmental organizations (NGOs); Governments or public authorities (Governments); Other ; Businesses; and Industry or Trade Associations (Industries and Trade Associations). In addition, categories such as Businesses and Industries and Trade Associations included a versatile profile of respondents (recyclers, manufacturers, importers, etc.)

More information can be found at the Europa link here.

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